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When you need a
marketing agency
that deliveries
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What is Max Grid

We are an external marketing department for your company. We engage in long time partnership to get the most out the marketing services provided.

Your Personal Marketing Resource

Max Grid is a covering all the fields of marketing, online and offline. The concept is especially directed towards companies. A complete marketing strategy, from traditional, to inbound and outbound marketing.

Everything Connects

We customize all the parts and create a powerful synergy, everything connects to everything, like a grid network. Working with all the different segments, it does what marketing is supposed to do; Show you company to the world. Everything from small powerful messages to global marketing campaigns.

Increase Your Profits

The goal is to create more profitability for your company, through active marketing and branding. Whether you have an existing marketing today, or maybe need a brand upgrade. With us, you get yourself a brand new marketing department that will be competitive in your market.

What can Max Grid, the external marketing department, do for you?

Get results over time, and get visible payoffs right away

High-end professional marketing, at a low cost budget

Wide range of marketing, with 7,280 marketing segments per year*

We are super hard workers (who needs sleep, right?) to give you a flow of quality marketing every day, even weekends and holidays

Personal, fast and direct support, 24/7, with your choosing of communication

Get total overview, and more, from your personalized company site, in real time

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* This is our 1-year package, 7,280 segments is 3,640 hours, that equals 70 regular non-stop work hours per week. The one year package of marketing can be really customized and pinpointed against your marketing group, and will provide the best result.