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Do you have a press-room?

  • How do you get your news, to your customers?

Do you have giveaways for customers?

Do you have competitions or events with prices?

Do you give seasonal or christmas presents to loyal customers?

Are you a sponsor for a team or an event?

Do you have a uniform code at the workplace?

Do you have a company profile, that goes like a theme through the entire business?

Is business cards a big part of your business?

Do you have an newsletter? (online or printed)

Do you need a logo redesigned? or a new logo?

Do you have graphical ads, like box and banner ads, for internet marketing?

Do you have any graphical content that need remade?

Do you need graphical/photoshop service in your company?

How often do you get support questions?

How do you get these support questions?

Do you have a online/chat support today?

How do you do to get new prospects online?

Do you have any online advertising today?

Do you know exactly where your traffic on your homepage comes from and who is visiting you?

How is your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) today?

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How is your status on social medias, check all that you are active in?

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Do you have a online shop/booking/reservation system?

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Do you write your own content for your site, white papers, newsletter etc (in-house)?

Do you ever use translation services?

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