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Overall Marketing

We help to establish promotional rooms online, press releases for traditional media and online. Guerrilla marketing for smart and economical marketing. Help with layout and design with newspaper ads, flyers, advertising for newsroom, trade magazines and local press. Basic market and even help out with a SWOT analysis.

Press room online and offline

Keep the flow of marketing

Layout and design customization

Guerrilla marketing strategy

Newsroom integration

Trade and local press strategy

SWOT analysis

Optimized marketing strategy

Real-time tracking and viewable results of marketing campaigns

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Company Profiling

How important is unity and representation for your company? We can help to create a strong company profile for you. What do you want to build your company around, the products, the company logo or the brand? Unity in companies also help the moral of the employees, and companies with a strong profile always feels more powerful.

Building and optimizing business

Discover the core business

Brand analysis

Competition check-up

Company profile analysis

A group of people with diffrent working apparel, all wearing hard hats

Corporate Apparel

Uniforms is perhaps not so important in close offices, but they are more important at sales meetings, shops, restaurants and trade shows. How does your representatives out in the field, and those who interact with people every day look like? We can make designs and price analysis, scout for the best products, price and quality, for work clothes, t-shirts, jackets, pants, socks, ties, buckles, belts, caps, umbrellas and more.


General guidelines of work clothing

Cloth branding and design

Price and quality analysis

Sourcing for best products

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Corporate Identity

To create a brand, can be difficult. We will help with the design of office stationery, business cards, pens, mouse pads, coffee mugs, stickers, bumper stickers, DVDs, USB memory sticks (with information and smart content), parcel tape, packaging, candy, beer, packaging, cloths, textiles, keychains and much more.

Corporate design integration

Office stationeries

Corporate branding

Give-away profile

Guideline setup

A aeroplane flying by a billboard on a sunny day


Ads are a important part of daily life, it's there, we probably ignore most of it. But it always gets in your unconscious part of the mind, when you get exposes many times. When you think of a soda drink, you either think of Coca Cola or Pepsi Cola, or both. We can help designing ads, from small stickers to highway billboards, also get you offers on location and prices.

Ad design

Product mock-ups

Ad integration online

Overall ad campaign overview

Marketing campaigns

Advertisement localization, geo-target and pinpointing

Ad prize analysis

Traditional media advertising

New media advertising

Sponsoring deals




Niche marketing

Diagrams on some papers, a pen and a calculator

Company Support

Presentations and sales support. Or need more like, whitepapers, e-books/pages, infographics, powerpoint, pricelists, sales folders, corporate printing, brochures, flyers, magazines, newspapers, study-folders, how-to-folders, safety regulations, catalogues, menus, guides and more.


Logo integration

Powerpoint templates

Sales brochures

Whitepapers and ebooks


Pricelist and sales folders

Newspaper, magazines and books

Learning material and study essentials

How-to folders

Safety regulations

Environment working papers

Catalogues and guides

Restaurant guides, menus and advertising

Hotel information, ads, door hangers and more

All kind of corporate prints

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Photoshop & Graphics

We can help you create your next logotype, or next years calendar. Design för events, fairs or sales presentations. Graphics production with focus on design, after-treatment, restaurations in Photoshop. Genuine advertisement production with the original for online and traditional media.

Photoshop service

Advertising graphics

Photo retouching

Colour correction

Photo and digital advance effects


Digital makeup

Photo editing and optimization



HDR effects and composition

Website media, animated gifs and flash

Graphical web design

Corporate design profile

A sparkling green picture with an 3D @ sign

Webmaster Service

Editing and re-building company website for today's responsive and dynamic market. We can set up web-connection to Blogger, integrated Wordpress or to the site to add flow of weekly/monlty high rich content. We can work with the existing sites or build up a new one. Q&A pages, forums (with moderator function), online store (from simple to advanced), newsletter, functionality for building email lists, landing- sell- squeeze- & splash-page for marketing events. Banner, box and text advertising. With A/B testing of ads.

Design of website and blogs, also rebuilding

Responsive and dynamic pages

Smartphone integration

Blogger setup and management

WordPress setup and management

Joomla and other CMS systems

Posting update service

Coding service for online content

Database integration

High value copywriter content

Add-ons like booking systems, Q&A, forums, online store

Newsletter service and management

List building functions like landing pages

Marketing event, long-lived or temporary

Online advertising

A/B testing

SSL/TLS security integration

Integration of web APIs

Speed optimization for site and end-user

Domain registrations

Web hosting services

PPC advertising

Email integration and setup

Analytics integration

PDF printer friendly pages/sites

Social media integrations

Cloud service

Use of high end webmaster tools for diagnostics

Payment integration

Themes, templates and plugins

Man and a women smiling, with white robes, stethoscopes and clipboards, very clinical

SEO & Online Service

Search engine optimization of site with complete report and maximizing the optimization. The SEO includes live follow-ups and adjustment on regular basis. Tracking system added for better analysing the traffic flow to the site. Boost the site with high volume traffic to get a more vivid site and also drive new customers there. Automation where it can be done.

Search engine optimization

Reports and statistics

Tracking systems

Analysis management

Analytic system integration

Traffic boosting services

System automation

Regular progress reports


Online catalogues

Blog management and boosting

Social media targeting and integration

Review help and recommendations

Site crawling management for other search engines

Free amount of keywords

Keyword analysis

Competitors analysis

Link building strategies

PPC advertising

SEO Customized coding of site or blog

Backlinking with high PR

Website deep analysis with meta tags, content, structure and coding for optimization

HTML-XML Sitemap generation

Local, global or niche ranking optimization

A bunch of people laughing and smiling

Social Media

With focus and marketing on social media. The can for example include; a Facebook page, processing and arrangement of FB ads. Set up and run the Twitter account. Add Facebook shows on Twitter feed connection. LinkedIn account and posting. Google+ account and Google AdWords campaigns. Even more social media? We can also help to make, add and upload content to Instagram, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Bing and Youtube and many other.

Facebook page, group and advertising

Twitter account

LinkedIn account for companies

Google+ account

Google AdWords campaigns

Instagram service

Pinterest account

Stumbleupon account

YouTube channel

Forum accounts

Social media management

A women in a white shirt and black pants using and computer air-board

Update Services

For updates daily, weekly and monthly on the website and, or the blog with current news and posts, newsletters with lead nurturing, Facebook posts, Twitter comments, press releases to keep a constant news flow. To customize the updates, there can also boost of having Instagram and Pinterest photo feeds, LinkedIn group, more news, adding movies on Youtube and Vimeo, forum posts with moderation. And also on other social media or suitable alternatives.

Live update services

Facebook posts

Twitter tweets

Instagram picture updates

LinkedIn posts

Pinterest picture updates

News feeds

Posts for blogs and sites

YouTube videos

Forum posts

SMS text messages

Other social medias


Comment service

A nurse-like women using a computer air-board

System Solutions

Automated smart function for internet, with the integration of different devices to the same system. Applications for standardization of the company. Working towards cloud based systems. It sounds more complicated than it is, but the result is, and will be a simplification of the existing company procedures.

Automated functions

Macros/bots for the internet

Integration of devices


Cloud services

Open/closed systems

Customer relationship management (CRM)

Time management systems (TMS)


Some ancient pargament, ink and a quill, two burning candles


Copywriting for the purpose to pursue your market, either it is flyers or magazines ads. But also for high rich content for site, blog or press-releases with organic SEO in mind. We work with many skilled copywriters and we will only match your company to the best qualified.

Skilled copywriters



Blog posts

Company news

SEO friendly

Social media posts


Sales letters

Landing pages



Glasses and a pen on a open laptop

Text Editing

Text editing of already finished texts that needed adjustment and proofreading. Scanning services OCR for unselectable text to get them out in readable format. This can be printed papers, PDF files or images. These can be added to selectable text documents, like words or PDF files. Text editing also include compiling white papers, this goes hand in hand with copywriting.



Adjustment of written texts

OCR scanning of picture to text

Other scanning services

Unmarkable PDF to text

Letters to text

White papers

Templates for documents

Five mobile phones stacked, in diffrent colors

App Dev

Development of applications for the smartphone industry. From simple apps, like product shows, presentations to more advanced applications that are connected to a database. And even customized games.

Apps for android, ios and windows






DB connect

Help with app installations

A laptop keyboard with and stethoscope on them

Computer Support

Cleaning up and optimization of laptops, computers and servers. Professional virus removal and safety checks of the system. Repair and troubleshooting. Upgrading software and drivers, all services is done remotely through professionally installed support software. For now, we do not work with OSX and iOS.

Complete computer check-out

Clean up and optimizing to make computer faster

Virus and maleware removal

Safety checking computer and servers

Repairs on computers

Troubleshooting service

All done via remote access with pro software

A women with a laptop and using an computer air-board

Online Support

Need online support on your site, with direct connection to your customers? We teach the support personnel to answer the essential questions through templates that you provide. For complicated questions we will send the customer to your contact page or with the best option provided.

Online support

Online chat

1 on 1 direct support

Remote administration

Teach tech personnel

Build an ticket support page

Have an updated FAQ page

Working contact page

A shinny desk, with and reception sign, a bellhop bell and a key with a keyring

Virtual Assistance, Video and Media

For online or offline sites or blogs.

Virtual Assistance service, for booking of transport, hotels, events, reservations och other services that can apply

Podcast/Radio stream online

Online webinars

Youtube/Vimeo movies

Multimedia for online and offline use

Video guides and presentations

And much more...

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