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1. Have your tools ready

Before you do anything else, you need to get your tools ready. This means your homepage, landing page, squeeze page, targeting page, salespage, blog or social media page ready. Also have your tracking system in order so you can see who is visiting, when they are visiting and where they are from. And do not forget to have your a email list building tools updated. Make some great banner, boxes and other graphics for promotion purposes. Quick recap:

• Have your site ready
• Get your tracking/SEO in place
• Have some way to collect contacts/emails
• Get your promotion graphics ready

This will set your tool box in order for step 2. If you do not have anyone of these, we can help you set them up before we start.

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2. Get customers

After you have your tools ready, now you need some visitors to your site, to make referrals, acquire new members, get more customers and make more sale, get more likes or views, or just, plain and simple get more visitors. So how do you do that? MaxGrid’s Top 3 suggestions are:

• Geo targeted traffic boosting
• Localized and targeted social media marketing
• Have great content to share with your audience

If you can do that yourself, this is great and we wish you good luck with your endeavors. But if you need some help to boost that traffic your way, please hit that button below for more details.

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From the table of the founder

My name is Tomas, and I'm the founder of MaxGrid. I was born and raised in Nacka archipelago, located just east of Sweden's capital Stockholm. I have always been fascinated by marketing, sales and the internet. Been working with clients all over the world, the cultural exchange has been really great and a good experience. I always been an entrepreneur in the heart, I really like the freelance lifestyle. But have no problems to work on contract, in-house or as a hired employee.

Best wishes to your future marketing endeavours,

Tomas M Leppänen

Marketing Entrepreneur, MaxGrid

Brief history

1996 - was started to provide web/graphics design, internet marketing and SEO services.

2000-2001 - Internet Cafe Stockholm, run a internet cafe business in heart of Stockholm.

2002-2008 - MXG Bygg Teknik, project leader and calculations in the construction industry.

2009-2010 - MXG Co Ltd, computer consultation and tech support service in Thailand.

2011-2015 - Organic Marketing Biz, a massive traffic boosting service. Only the 50k+ Facebook page remains.

From 1996 to Now - In later years, more focus has been added towards social media, marketing strategies (the whole concept, not just single parts), both online and offline, against specific customization and customer segments. More search engine optimization (SEO), advertising (SEA), marketing (SEM), thorough analytics, deep insight reporting and trackable result driven marketing in real time. But, the services have been the same since the beginning, to provide a professional webmaster service, it has, and always will be, the main core value.



We hired Tomas and his company to handle our campaigns. He takes care of everything, and everything went as planned. With high success rate. Great support and fast answers. This is exactly what we needed.”

Oskar Berglund

Berglunds Stad & Rormontagegruppen AB

We have always been very pleased with the service and available support. We also recommended the services to other colleagues in our business network all the time.”

Matti Hurtta

MaserCata / Maserholz Ab/Oy

Awesome service, the best. The delivery of hits have been on time every single time. We have been using their service for a long time, and can really recommend it. We started with a small tryout package, now we have a monthly customized campaign that suit our needs perfectly, Thank You!”

Agnes Winqvist

Le Boutique



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