Combination of persuasion ideas – 8 videos of 45 minutes

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Combination of persuasion ideas – This if for personal and/or educational purposes only. If you like the video, please just search for them on Youtube (by title), and go to the respective page and like them and check out their other clips to support them. We give full credit to the makers of these clips.

1. Secrets from the Science Of Persuasion – by Robert Cialdini and Steve Martin – 00:00

2. 8 Persuasive techniques in advertising – by (if you know, please leave a comment) – 11:50

3. How to Persuade Others with the Right Questions, Jedi Mind Tricks – by Daniel H. Pink – 15:42

4. 7 principles that make your website more engaging – by Dr. Susan Weinschenk – 19:59

5. Persuasion Techniques 3 INSANELY Effective Tricks – by Improvement Pill – 25:11

6. Top 4 (slightly unethical) tricks on how to persuade anyone – by Bite Size Psych – 29:28

7. Persuade people with subconscious techniques, methods of persuasion summary – by FarFromAverage – 34:47

8. The Process of Persuasive Design in Six Steps – by Dr. Eric Schaffer – 40:04

End – 45:34

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