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What is the most effective marketing method? I would say it’s advertising and targeting the most relevant audience possible!

All businesses have their own perfect market and perfect buyer profile – from B2C to very sophisticated B2B audiences. It’s not that hard to target B2C with the tools advertising networks and Facebook have to offer, while it could be a real trick to find your perfect B2B audience.

There is one network that allows pretty successful B2B targeting, you know it – it’s Linkedin. What’s not so attractive about it is the price. You can expect clicks from Linkedin to cost you at least $2 and more in some cases.

It’s not a big price for Enterprise-level companies, but definitely cost prohibitive for smaller and medium level companies that seek not only quality, but also a quantity.

To optimize your campaigns you need to get at least a few hundred clicks, and with the price mentioned, that will cost you quite a lot.

But don’t worry, this time we will discuss a completely white-hat growth hack, that will allow you to target top-class Linkedin audiences for literally pennies.

Indeed, you will not have to spend even close to $2 per click, while being able to target the same Linkedin audiences.

But that’s not the only great thing about it – you will be able to have way more Ads & Optimization options to benefit from, while targeting Linkedin audiences.


The Method – A Single Tool To Conquer Linkedin Targeting

How can we target Linkedin audiences? Through Linkedin. But that’s an expensive method! Is there another one? Oh yes, there is! And I will be glad to disclose it and guide you through some basic steps.

Some of the advertising networks, including Facebook Ads are the easiest and the most popular ones, allowing you to target people by creating custom audiences.

Custom audiences can be created in different ways – collecting people with Facebook Pixel, targeting people that are members of specific groups and pages, or by uploading your custom email list.

Custom email lists are the most sophisticated and effective method of creating a custom audience on Facebook. They  provide you with the most precise targeting, as Facebook matches your email list with emails of Facebook users automatically.

So as you probably understood, we are going to target Linkedin users on Facebook, by using custom audiences created with the email list. But how do we get email addresses of Linkedin users?

Oh, that’s my favourite part! It’s not as hard as you may imagine. We can solve this with just one tool. How awesome is that?

This tool is – it allows users to generate leads (and extract email contacts) from websites and social networks, including Linkedin. has a deep integration with Linkedin features, with the help of a’s Chrome extension. Basically, you can generate a email address list of Linkedin users in just a few clicks, and there’s no magic behind it, just pure technology!

This method is beautiful in its nature – you are able to target as precisely as Linkedin allows you to originally. The targeting can contain Geo, Titles, Companies, Skills, Company Sizes and much, much more.


The Guide – 7 Steps to Targeting A Linkedin Audience For Pennies

Let’s take a close look at this method with the quick step-by-step guide below. I will show you a basic marketing method here, but actually your imagination is the limit!

Step 1 – Get Yourself a account is a must-have tool to build a email contact list of Linkedin users. has a free plan that allows you to generate 100 leads (source 100 email contacts) – it’s not that much, but you can try it at no cost at all. Other plans are not that expensive, and the 5,000 credit plan is suitable for this method. It will pay off in no time, believe me!

Step 2 – Install a Chrome extension

After creating an account at, go and download their Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store. This will allow you to source email addresses from Linkedin right in your browser, without actually leaving the Linkedin website.

Step 3 – Define Your Targeting

The easiest way to define your targeting on Linkedin is by using Linkedin Search. You will be able to create your targeting with the following criteria by default – Keyword, Title, Company & Location. The paid version of Linkedin enables even richer search criteria and parameters.

Now when you have generated a target list of highly-relevant people through Linkedin Search, it’s time to get their email addresses.

Step 4 – Sourcing Email Addresses from Linkedin

While in Linkedin Search, click on Snovio’s icon in the top right of your Chrome browser and source their email addresses. You can source these from a single search-page, or do an automatic search from several search-pages. As you need quite a lot of email contacts to build a decent audience, go for the automatic method.

Step 5 – Verifying Sourced Email Addresses

All the email contacts you sourced are stored in your account. It’s a good practice to filter them out and verify, thus leaving only working and existing email addresses. You can verify them right in your dashboard, with no need to use any other tool.

Step 6 – Uploading Your Email Address List To Facebook

Now when you have your email address list of Linkedin users, just proceed to Facebook Ads -> All Tools -> Audiences -> Create Audience -> Custom Audience.

Once there, choose the first option on the list “Customer file” and then choose “Add customers from your own file or copy and paste data”. You will be asked to upload or paste your list of email contacts to create a custom audience. The process is pretty intuitive and simple, thanks to Facebook.

Step 7 – Launch Your Campaign to Linkedin Audience… Outside of Linkedin!

When you have your custom audience created and ready, just proceed to Facebook Ads manager and create your campaign. You are free to use any kind of ad images or rich-media content to reach your audience, and this approach is way more effective and feature-rich in comparison to the quite limited Linkedin ads.


Long Story Short

This method isn’t something hard to imagine, but sourcing emails from Linkedin was always a problem. Not anymore, not if you use Now you are able to create as many Linkedin-audiences you want, and target them for pennies outside of Linkedin. You can even go further and create lookalike audiences, thus creating way bigger lists to target.

As said before, your imagination is the limit, go and try this yourself, and I am pretty sure you will find the best combination for your type of business. Experiment with targeting, audience sizes and ad formats to find your perfect formula. Enjoy and have an awesome day!



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