5 Best PHP Frameworks for Developing High-Performance Websites

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5 Best PHP Frameworks for Developing High-Performance Websites


PHP(Hypertext Preprocessor) is one of the popular web development and server-side programming languages in the world. Here in this article, we bring to your knowledge some of the best PHP frameworks which would assist in building more complex, secure and all-rounded applications with more efficiency.

PHP adopts a wide range of technicalities and the popularity of PHP web application development among programmers is the reason for many PHP frameworks being into action. A PHP framework is a universal web development platform of reusable software for rapid development of web apps of diverse features which provide desired solutions of problems.  

So, here is the list of the top 5 PHP frameworks which are ruling 2018 –


  • Laravel


Making the correct choice of PHP framework for your business is a tough choice as there is a

zillion option available. One such choice is Laravel which was first introduced by Taylor

Otwell in 2011. It was at first, created for MVC architecture, but it meets all current

requirements like event handling and user authentication.

Fast development speed, quick institution, and extension ability have helped it to make a

grasp among developers.

Some of the features it has secured its place among the top frameworks is –

  • Rapid-Application Development
  • Hassle-free customisation and Open-Source
  • Laravel Template Engine
  • Takes care of your Web Security
  • Local Development Environment-Homestead



  • Phalcon


It is written in C and is the fastest framework in the market. Phalcon implies MVC(model

view controller) architecture and offers fully stacked features such as routing, caching, ORM,

and query language.

It has good built-in security features and is fully documented to avoid any discrepancies.

Phalcon is an open source framework not as much as Laravel with developer-friendly

attributes which makes it easy to learn.

This framework provides the lowest overhead for MVC apps due to its low-level design and

optimisations which brings down memory consumption, and the classes and functions are

ready for use by the developer provided by the extension.



  • Symfony


Symphony stands for efficient performance, well documented, and modular. It enables high

performance due to bytecode caching and provides reusable components and libraries which

are easily installable to empower PHP web development community.  

Symfony is stable and flexible to compliment your complex website ideas. Tough the world is

tilting towards MVC architecture, Symfony does not support it.  

It was released as an open software on Oct’05 under MIT license. Symphony offers timely

updates to not take a risk with your security, reusing the bundles which are the same as a

plugin and used for implementing new features allows easy maintainability and testing of the




  • CodeIgniter


CodeIgniter is a simple and elegant toolkit to develop applications, it is very developer

friendly and does not need any specific support for its use. It gives you more free time to

spend if you are working on some complex development.

CodeIgniter does not adhere to a strict MVC pattern as models and view are optional but

controllers are a must.

It stands out of other frameworks because of its speed and that it is light for a framework. The

clear documentation Symfony provides gives a fairer version of it to interpret through this


CodeIgniter supports 5.2.6 PHP version and 4.1 of MySQL for developing a fully interactive

and dynamic app in less time.



  • Yii


Yii framework is secure, fast, and gives a high performance which cuts down the

development time significantly. It is one of the oldest PHP frameworks and yet the best one

with object-oriented features. CMS and CRM are its two strongest features that define the

core of any popular script.

Yii is amazingly effective when it is about security and maintenance and its scripting

language is PHP 5. It was released on Jan’10 and is also open source and based on MVC

application framework.

Yii is easy to install, uses modern technology, is highly extensible, encourages thorough

testing, and is secure.


PHP is slowly taking the market in its hand and its frameworks are becoming popular day by day. It enables rapid development, allows reusability of code, inbuilt MVC design, and time-tested security-related policies.

Nancy Patterson is a Marketing Manager a Hire Php Developer. She is a resident of the United Kingdom. Nancy is also an experienced Php developer. She also likes to share her thoughts, cms development, php web application, and web development techniques.

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