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One of the biggest complaints I see from newbies in SEO is that it is impossible to call someone at Google and get an answer on why their rankings are not doing well in search. You and I know, Google doesn’t do one on one support but it is hard for people outside of our industry to understand.

Danny Sullivan from Google wrote on Twitter after complaints about not getting support saying “We don’t provide support for SEO based on business relationships.” “It would be unfair for those who don’t advertise,” he added.

He did say they do provide “many ways for everyone to get help for free, including monthly “office hours” and more as covered here:” That is true.

Here is the complaint:

Here is Danny’s response:

This is what makes the SEO space fun, challenging and somewhat dark and mysterious.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

This is a news feed, by author Barry Schwartz, the original post can be found here Google: We Don't Provide SEO Support Based On Business Relationships.

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